service and maintenance

repair (plus accidental damage)

Kemper provides you with a reliable and competent service in the field of maintenance and supervision of your devices. We repair your working platforms and furniture lifts of all brands as soon as possible.
After making a prior appointment, we either repair your device immediately at your place or in our repair shop.

If desired, we will of course, give you an estimate.

In case you have smaller repairs, you can wait for your platform to be finished and take it with you afterwards. If the repairs will take a few days, you can cheaply resort to a replacement at our rentals of motor pools.
In case it is an extensive repair, like engine damage or liability loss, we will give you an accordant estimate. If needed, a DEKRA expert will be consulted and we will negotiate and account directly with the insurance in charge.

If required, we will get a survey report on the real-time price or on the residual value.

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